Celtrixa Reviews – Does It Really Work?

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Welcome to my blog, If you’re here then you’ve probably heard about Celtrixa stretchmark removal cream . Here you’ll find a comprehensive review, all you need to know about the this product and if if really work, No fluff, no filler just an in-depth investigation.

First and foremost, I just want to clarify I will be giving you an unrestricted unbiased and honest review of the Celtrixa cream.  What your about to read are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before getting one yourself.

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What Is Celtrixa?

Celtrixa is cream specially formulated to improve the appearance of stretch marks. Celtrixa is said to penetrates underneath the skin.

Each person’s skin responds to stretch mark lotions and creams differently. Therefore, you cannot presume that a particular cream will turn back the hands of the clock and undo the harm left behind after losing and gaining weight, surgical procedures or having a baby.

Celtrixa – what is it suppose to do?


* It can help make the stretch marks lighter so they are less noticeablechoices

* Reduces the chances of developing stretch marks later in the future.

* Helps to reduce skin indentation, so the stretch marks
are not as sunken in.

No one is claiming that Celtrixa or any other stretch mark cream will completely get rid of your stretch marks. The claim is that within a week, the product will help decrease your stretch marks. You will see even better results after using the product consistently for one to three months. The product might work better for some than for others, however most will certainly see at least small improvements in their skin condition.

Using this cream can actually make your skin softer, smoother and more elastic. The manufacturers
assert that the cream helps prevent the formation of stretch marks in the future due to its moisturizing ability. The use of this cream or any other stretch mark cream may not stop the development of stretch marks after you have another child or you go through other changes in your life. View Celtrixa as a product that will help decrease the stretch marks that you already have.

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What Clinical Studies Were Done?

Like most skin creams, Celtrixa went through a series of clinical trials before it was released for use by the general public. According to the company, the results of their clinical trials show that 100% of all Celtrixa users showed significant results in the way their stretch marks looked, while only 75% of all users during the study received a reduction in the appearance of the discoloration of the stretch marks.

The company claims that during the student, 66% of Celtrixa users saw reduction in the width of their stretch marks, while only 66% of the users seen a reduction in the overall appearance of their stretch marks. This clinical trial was based upon 12 weeks of studying the 30 participants who agreed to try out the product.

According to research although, only 30 people were actively involved in the clinical process of this product, the reviews speak for themselves. It seems that users are extremely pleased by the amount of reduction in appearance they have received, coupled with the ease of use they have found within the product.

Ingredients Contained in Celtrixa stretch mark cream

Regestril, which is a remarkable stretch mark fighter, is the major ingredient in Celtrixa.

This ingredient is able to inhibit the effects of the enzymes responsible for the occurrence of the stretch marks on the skin. It is absorbed into the dermis layer of the skin to take care of the problem at the source which is is one major difference between this stretch mark cream and others.

Regestril also helps to decrease the color, depth and width of the stretch marks thereby improving the look of your skin.

Celtrixa also contain natural ingredients and antioxidants like ginseng, chamomile and green tea. These components are what give the cream its skin toning and moisturizing properties. Thus, aside from reducing stretch marks, the product can benefit your skin and body in other ways.

One other ingredient contained in this cream is collagen. Collagen is produced naturally in the body and it helps to keep the skin tight and firm. However, the body does not produce enough to prevent the formation of stretch marks. The collagen contained in the cream helps to prevent stretch mark formation as well as slow down the skin aging process.

celtrixa creame results


* Can help decrease stretch marks

* Generally it takes to 2 to 4 weeks of use to see results

* Celtrixa provides toning and moisturizing benefits with consistent use

* The product has no known adverse effects and appears to be completely safe


* Studies were carried out by the makers of the product, and not by independent sources

* In some cases is it can take one or more months for significant results

* It can be a little costly

What to watch out for when purchasing

94193098-celtrixa-productsAs with most health products sold online it’s recommended to keep to the official supplier to ensure that the product is safe to use. As with most popular items there are copies out there from unauthorized sellers which obviously can’t vouch for the authenticity or safety of the product.

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So what is the verdict?

Although not many studies have been carried out on this stretch mark removal cream, there have been a number of positive Celtrixa reviews that fully complement the product. In addition to that it does not have allergic reactions towards any type of skin. This is due to the harmless ingredients contained in the cream. However, it is advisable for those with sensitive skin to use small amounts of the product on the affected part. Within a few months of applying the stretch mark removal cream, your skin will look new again and in perfect condition.

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